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Reliable electrical company in Auckland

At Brez Electrical Ltd, all services are undertaken by professionals who have been working for our electrical company in Auckland for many years. They have the experience and the knowledge to help you with efficient and reliable electrical services.


Brez Electrical Ltd, your professional electrical company in Auckland, can help with complete home rewiring, or just partial rewiring. Sometimes you may find that when you turn on a kettle, or an iron, the power goes off in all or part of the home. Our staff can help determine if it's a faulty product or the electrical wiring in your home is causing the problem. We are experts in rewiring, and only use the best copper wiring to ensure the safety of your home. If it’s rewiring you need, Brez Electrical Ltd can do it.


Electrical work is the one thing you should never try to DIY. Don’t risk your safety by trying to do your electrical work yourself. Our electricians know about electrical safety, and how dangerous handling electricity can be. It’s essential that anyone installing, maintaining, repairing or operating electricity in your home knows how to do so without harming themselves. We are trained to know the safest way to carry out electrical work. As well as the safety aspect, it is important to have all electrical work carried out by a licensed electrician for insurance reasons. Call Brez Electrical Ltd today for a free quote.

On site service

Brez Electrical Ltd will send an electrician out to your home or site, in a timely manner. If we say we will be at your venue, we promise to arrive at the allocated time, not 4 hours later. Depending on your problem, we can either complete the job straight away if it is a small task, or give you a quote for the work. Call our electrical company in Auckland today to get your free, no obligation quote.
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